Chalk & Balloons!

It was one of those days, as usual I had checked the weather forecast about a week prior to the shoot and continued to check again every other day. All seemed well until two days before the shoot when my weather app decided to show a picture of clouds and pouring rain instead of the mostly sunny one it had done everyday previously.

So my location plans unfortunately would have to take a back seat for this shoot. I knew we would have to be a little more creative indoors for the day and I had picked up a black backdrop a few days previously but now decided that it might be a bit too plain for what I wanted to do. So with the help of my good friend and often assistant we put our heads together to think of a few ways to make the black background a bit more creative and not just with the lighting but with the paper itself. In the end we decided to be simple and use some chalk., luckily the ground we were on had unusual ripples and the chalk reflected that onto the paper creating a smooth, wavy effect, this was to be our first setup. 

For the second setup I wanted to add to the small project I've been doing and so it was a trip down to hobby craft to pick up some helium balloons, I grabbed about ten which then took three employees ten minutes to get them all ready while I stood at the counter in front of a growing queue feeling extremely sheepish. As soon as I finished there it was off to pick up a few small accessories and I was all set.

Both models Demi and Stella arrived the morning of the shoot looking very unsure about the weather, probably because they were getting soaked from head to toe! However once we got back to the studio they were much more comfortable as I ensured them I did not plan on making them stand out in the rain all day.

Set up 1

The first set up maintained the simple idea we used with the chalk and black background by only using one light. A gridded beauty dish up high and off centre left, with this I was able to focus the light just where I wanted it and also helped to give me a nice fall off of light on my subject.

 © WilliamHenry

 © WilliamHenry

Set up 2

I decided to continue with the project I was doing and so went with the blue background which I'd planned for when picking up the balloons and glasses for the day. The lighting for this setup was much bolder as I wanted the images to seem bright and fun. For this I used a large Octabank as my main light source and a small beauty dish as my rim light.

The day was a lot of fun and both models were great to work with which is always good.