For a few months now I've looked at my portfolio and it wasn't hard to come to the conclusion that I definitely needed more guys in my book…mainly because I had none :) So I managed to get hold of a model named Sam over a modelling site and set up a date to shoot. As soon as I met him I knew the shoot was going to be great! Sam was easy to work with, had a great personality as well as a great look covering some of the main things I'm after when I'm photographing somebody. 

We had three set up's for the day, the weather was not ideal but we turned it to our advantage and went for more mood driven shots outdoors which Sam had the perfect rugged look for. Over the next few months I'll be setting up more shoots with guys so check out some of the images below including a small diagram of the outdoor setup in front of the car which I've used a cube to represent and look out for more images coming soon!