A few weeks ago I was looking for a place to do a new shoot I was putting together. After checking out a few places and with the small time frame I had to find a suitable location I decided to use my dads garage. It was perfect as most of the guys that work there like to sleep in on Sundays, and so we practically had the whole place to ourselves. As it's a tight muse I looked around for good backgrounds and any objects we might be able to use. In the end two things caught my eye, a red shutter for one of the garages as well as a car that's been there for as long as I can remember! For the backdrop shots (which were the most fun to take - probably because it was absolutely freezing outside and once inside Emma managed to thaw!) I used the inside of my dads garage which gave me better control of the lighting allowing me to experiment a bit.

The Location
And the fun part!