Kew Gardens

So last week I had two models come down from Mission Models. Both girls were really great and easy to get along with which made things simpler form the start.

The location I chose was Kew Gardens, I chose this location because despite the crazy weather we've had this beginning of the year it still looked fantastic and gave me great ideas to work with. It took me about a week to convince the lovely staff at Kew Gardens that the shoot would be kept low-key and not disrupt the experience for any people visiting the park. Joe Robbins was extremely helpful in this matter and secured me my permit for the day to which I am grateful.

Another worrying part coming up to the shoot was as I mentioned before, 'the weather!' Although I had kept a close eye on the weather reports which confirmed it would be sunny the fact that it had been raining most of the week and been quite stormy the day before didn't help at all. Luckily the weather reports were on the mark and we had an amazing day capturing some colourful shots.

Check some of them out below!