Failed Sunrise, Great Sunset!

So last weekend I had another shoot come up. I had two models coming down and so the plan for the day was to catch the sunrise early in the morning with Jackie and then move onto the sunset later with Tia. Unfortunately the clouds were not in the mood to make way for the sun and so we didn't catch the sunrise we wanted, sometimes that's just how it goes so instead we decided to go for something a bit more punchy with our beauty dish. 


Later that day when Tia arrived we spent some time shooting in the studio and basically playing about with ice cream that I had to try and stop Tia from eating so we could get the shot.

To our surprise the sun decided to make an appearance towards the late afternoon so we raced over to our nearest open field and ended the day capturing some great sunset images. All in all the day went well and there was some really great energy from the models.

P.s. Once everyone had left I demolished ALL the ice cream :D