Against the weather!

So last week I had the opportunity to work with a wonderful model called Lizzie who I met through a networking site. Our plan for the day was to shoot outdoors before moving back to the studio. I had a feeling the weather wouldn't stay calm for long so after hair and make-up we headed straight out to the first location. Sometimes I hate it when I'm right, as soon as we had located the spot where we wanted to the shoot the wind began to kick up a storm so much so that it was fight to keep our strobe that was attached to a softbox (which might as well have been a kite!) from blowing away.

With the wind causing problems and dark clouds on the horizon I began taking some test shots (very quickly) once I was happy with the lighting we began. Lizzie was a trooper and posed magnificently, despite the strong wind throwing her hair everywhere except away from her face we managed to come away with some great shots and just in time as the rain decided to make an appearance.

Luckily we'd planned the rest of the shoot back at the studio so we headed back there had a quick lunch and got the other shots we needed for the day. All in all it was a great shoot and we had a lot of laughs, which always helps on a gloomy day.

Check out some of the images from the shoot below.

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