Here is a quick behind the scenes look at one of my recent shoots…

In this first image I used a small silver beauty dish with a grid as my main light, this light was placed high up above the model and tilted at a downwards angle to add some contrast to the image, I then used a small silver umbrella off camera left to fill in some shadows and lastly far off camera right in front of the studio windows I used a large octabank with a diffuser to wash some light over the entire scene. (The second beauty dish facing away from my model is not turned on and is instead left in the scene to add to an earlier image that was taken as you will see in the final images below.)


And the result:

Even though Emilie is standing up the lighting set up remained exactly the same.

Even though Emilie is standing up the lighting set up remained exactly the same.

For the second look I kept the octabank where it was in front of the studio window but this time it was to be used as my main light, I then moved the silver beauty dish slightly off centre, to the right, to help fill in some of the shadows whilst still adding more contrast. Lastly off camera left is the silver umbrella which helped fill in the shadows on the grey background.

And the result...

For the image below my lighting stayed the same but I switched to my macro lens in order to get a close up.

For my final lighting set up I moved my model against the opposite wall and placed the octabank off camera left as my main light, I then placed the beauty dish to the right of my model in front of the window to add some more punch to the image.


And the result:

Check out the final images from the shoot below:

Model: Emilie Johansen

MUA/Hair Stylist: Georgina Davies