For this shoot I wanted to take some images in central London and of course the most emptiest time to do that is very early in the morning, so with two very willing models we set out to catch the sunrise. The downside of shooting near the river thames is that it is absolutely freezing and so I spent the morning pretending I was on a beach somewhere but for the twins and my assistant it was a cold day at the north pole. 

In the end we managed to get the shots we needed before heading back to the warmth for the final set-up of the day. Here are some of the shots:

For the second part of the shoot I had enlisted the help of my dad to put together a wooden background a few days prior to the shoot as I felt it would work nicely with both models skin tones. After the first few shots I could see that the wood was a great choice and that it worked well.

I used three lights on this set-up a large octabank as my main light slightly feathered, a small soft box as my side light and another small soft box as my fill light. Setting up the lights in this way created some very interesting highlights and shadows and I got the images I needed to add to my portfolio.


I had a lot of fun on this shoot, one of the aims for me was to push away from my comfortable lighting set-up's and really try and create something different to add to my work. I had been watching a few new TV shows (Mostly moody ones incase you couldn't tell) when I came up with the idea for this shoot. I have a great respect for cinematographers and the way they use light to not only light a scene but also create drama where needed and so I wanted to incorporate some of that into this shoot.

Picking the right model for this shoot wasn't easy, mostly because I knew I wanted a certain look but luckily Adam responded to my casting call. Adam was perfect for what I wanted to achieve on this shoot and super nice to work with which is always a bonus. One thing that I was surprised and happy to find was that his hair lent itself to the scene nicely, in some cases even managing to draw your attention away from the fact that he's smoking which is a plus.

Check out some of the images from the shoot below, more to come!