Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year! I'm over a week late but  I thought I'd still say a little something…

2013 was a great year, I made new friends and had some great shoots. Anyone that knows me knows I'm always looking forward, always focusing on the next thing but as we came to the end of 2013 I decided to look back over what I had accomplished that year. We all set ourselves targets and goals in life and looking back I can see how much I've grown and how much I've achieved in the last year alone which is why I look forward to a harder yet promising 2014!

I wish now that I had recorded some of the year so that I could put up a short video of some of the things I got up to, maybe next year, instead heres a few images from some of my shoots last year.

2013 Overview.jpg

Finally I want to mention the help I've had this past year. I truly believe that teamwork is the key to pushing yourself and creating great work. As it stands my team consists of myself and one other person :). This person has been invaluable to my work in 2013 not only doing the hair and makeup for all my shoots but for being the other head I needed to bounce my ideas off of (which I'm sure others will agree is a big help!)

Here are some snaps of Georgina sitting in while I test the light before a shoot - I asked her to give me a serious expression… my mistake.

Gina Expressions.jpg

I've seen the benefits of having one person helping me and so I look forward to expanding my team of friends in the coming year. Well that's it for now, I've set myself some new goals this year so I better get to work on them. Happy 2014 everybody! :D