Lauma Apele

The shoot...

I reached out to Lauma because of her distinctive look and because I absolutely love her style. Initially I wanted to go for something different, when I first contacted Lauma my first idea was to shoot somewhere dark and melancholic as I felt her tattoos would naturally lend themselves to the scene but then I thought more about that idea and it felt kind of stereotypical to me and so I wondered if it might be nicer to create some contrast in my images and to go for something much warmer and bright. 

Personally I feel it worked well this way, shooting in a scene that at first seemed at odds to me with her appearance was in fact the best thing I could of done. Lauma has a very natural look that worked perfectly with the environment and the scene itself managed to draw more attention to her tattoos than I feel it would have if say, she had been standing in front of a wall full of graffiti.

It was a sunny day and so I kept my lighting very simple using a large octabank as my main light and a small beauty dish with a grid (wrapped in CTO gel) for my rim light. I kept them at a low setting so that it could just augment the natural light that was already washing over my model and the background.

We did two more set-ups after that the second being on a nice bridge we’d spotted a few days prior to the shoot whilst we were scouting for locations and the last one over a pebbled wall.

The images over the pebbled wall were done with one gridded beauty dish as my main light to give a focused but harsh light on my model, this helped to create some deep shadows whilst still defining her tattoos which was the important part of this particular shoot.

All in all it was another great day and I’m truly looking forward to the next shoot!


For a few months now I've looked at my portfolio and it wasn't hard to come to the conclusion that I definitely needed more guys in my book…mainly because I had none :) So I managed to get hold of a model named Sam over a modelling site and set up a date to shoot. As soon as I met him I knew the shoot was going to be great! Sam was easy to work with, had a great personality as well as a great look covering some of the main things I'm after when I'm photographing somebody. 

We had three set up's for the day, the weather was not ideal but we turned it to our advantage and went for more mood driven shots outdoors which Sam had the perfect rugged look for. Over the next few months I'll be setting up more shoots with guys so check out some of the images below including a small diagram of the outdoor setup in front of the car which I've used a cube to represent and look out for more images coming soon!


London Summer!

It's rare but it does happen! Finally we got our summer this year and I had a shoot planned with a model Kat Horton whom I had met on a model networking site so I could take full advantage. Crazy as it sounds the weather all though great wasn't the best thing for me that day as my plan for the shoot was more cold and mood driven which you can imagine is not the easiest thing to do when the  sun in all it's glory is beaming down all around you :)

Luckily I had scouted the area a few days before and so I was able to adapt to the situation by means of a bridge that I had found, it was nice and I noticed people rarely walked through it and so knew we'd be able to set up without disturbing too many people.

In the end I decided to go for the a mixture of the cold with the warm which I think gives the image a sense of hopefulness as opposed to full on misery. You can still see one of the images below that will give you a better sense if the original mood I had planned out for this particular set up.



Once we had got the shots we needed we headed back to my studio set up where we captured some portraits of Kat which turned out great. I tried a few lighting set up's but in the end I decided all I needed for this was my beauty dish raised high up off centre left with a grid on the front which gave me the light and feel I wanted. I thought it would be criminal to ignore the great day we were having and so the last location for the day was changed to a large open field I knew very well. As predicted people were out and about soaking in the rays but the field was more than large enough for us to venture off somewhere quiet and out of the way. For these shots I used two lights, my softbox as my main light raised high up off camera right and my second light (strobe with a gridded beauty dish for the modifier) was placed behind the model to act as a rim light. The beauty dish was gridded to help control and direct the light  to exactly where I wanted it.

It was a great day and I had a lot of fun. The lighting set up's for this shoot were simple but effective and I came away with some great images to add to my book.


MUA: Georgina Davies

Model: Kat Horton


Check out the images from the day below: 

Failed Sunrise, Great Sunset!

So last weekend I had another shoot come up. I had two models coming down and so the plan for the day was to catch the sunrise early in the morning with Jackie and then move onto the sunset later with Tia. Unfortunately the clouds were not in the mood to make way for the sun and so we didn't catch the sunrise we wanted, sometimes that's just how it goes so instead we decided to go for something a bit more punchy with our beauty dish. 


Later that day when Tia arrived we spent some time shooting in the studio and basically playing about with ice cream that I had to try and stop Tia from eating so we could get the shot.

To our surprise the sun decided to make an appearance towards the late afternoon so we raced over to our nearest open field and ended the day capturing some great sunset images. All in all the day went well and there was some really great energy from the models.

P.s. Once everyone had left I demolished ALL the ice cream :D





Kew Gardens

So last week I had two models come down from Mission Models. Both girls were really great and easy to get along with which made things simpler form the start.

The location I chose was Kew Gardens, I chose this location because despite the crazy weather we've had this beginning of the year it still looked fantastic and gave me great ideas to work with. It took me about a week to convince the lovely staff at Kew Gardens that the shoot would be kept low-key and not disrupt the experience for any people visiting the park. Joe Robbins was extremely helpful in this matter and secured me my permit for the day to which I am grateful.

Another worrying part coming up to the shoot was as I mentioned before, 'the weather!' Although I had kept a close eye on the weather reports which confirmed it would be sunny the fact that it had been raining most of the week and been quite stormy the day before didn't help at all. Luckily the weather reports were on the mark and we had an amazing day capturing some colourful shots.

Check some of them out below!