Happy 2015!

Happy New Year!

Well it’s that time again, another great year has passed and it’s the beginning of a new promising year!

I’m happy to start this year off with images from my latest shoot.

I was lucky enough to photograph two very talented dancers Adam and Jasmine, something that I have wanted to do for a very long time. The first challenge was deciding on the style of dance I wanted to capture, both dancers were trained in various styles so I was spoilt for choice. Researching a few styles I came upon Pas De Deux and immediately knew it was the one. There is great movement and a sense of connection between both dancers that I wanted to capture and so we set to work.

The second challenge was deciding on how best to light both dancers, I wanted to not only light them well but also maintain shadows in the correct places to help create drama. I used a four light set up to achieve the look of the images below, a large octabank feathered off to the side as my main light, a small gridded beauty dish as my rim light and two soft boxes to light the background:

Me being me, I couldn’t let Adam and Jasmine escape without getting some portraits of them, for this we used two different backdrops with two different styles of clothing.

Luckily their chemistry flowed into their portraits as well as they did while dancing and we captured some great images. Check them out below…

I had a lot of fun shooting Adam and Jasmine and look forward to some creative shoots such as this throughout the year.

Happy 2015 everybody!