Paint & Fire
 © William Henry

 © William Henry


So this weekend I had two models come down to shoot. The first girl Matea was absolutely lovely and a pleasure to work with. Me and my partner in crime had decided we wanted to be a bit more creative with this portrait which was to be done on a grey background that day and so after banging our heads together for a while we decided to massacre it with paint! We headed off to the shops and picked up some acrylic paints all different colours (gold actually ended up looking the best) and headed back to the studio where we spent the evening slashing the air with paint bushes till the whole backdrop was filled, it was actually a lot of fun. Afterwards we knew we'd need an outfit to go along with the shoot and to save the model turning up and having a heart attack once we'd told her we were going to have to paint some of her clothes, so we decided to find some of our own to destroy :). We managed to scrounge together a pair of dungarees and an old, slightly dishevelled looking grey jumper. Together they looked perfect, I could already see the shot and so we got to painting the clothes and left them to dry overnight. Matea arrived in the morning and we explained to her the concept for the shoot that day, she was super excited and I knew then that it was going to be great. Two lights were used for this shoot, I started off withe a large octabank as my main light before adding a small beauty dish as my rim. I loved how the images were taking shape with help from the paint splattered background & clothes, the only thing for me to do was work with Matea to get the right expressions. Towards the end of the shoot I decided to try something a little different, I removed the octabank and decided to use the beauty dish with grid as my main and only light source. The effect was better than I had hoped and after moving Matea around a bit  I got the two shots from that set-up I wanted. It was a hard choice but in the end I decided to go for the shots using the beauty dish as I felt it gave a little something more to these particular portraits. You can still check out the shots using the octabank above I love them as well and who knows my choice might change over time :)




The second model for the day was a girl by the name of Lulu. Most times a model will turn up ready to be moulded and other times they will turn up with their hair on fire! Which we were I admit a little shocked to see at first but rather than be like oh wow! That was not the colour of your hair when I saw your pictures! I decided to make the best of the situation and so we grabbed our orange paper to use as a backdrop which worked well with her hair, luckily Lulu had a warm smile that definitely went with her hair and the first set of shots went smoothly. Later looking at her hair again I had another idea, it was almost sunset and I thought what would it be like to have Lulu in the forest backlit by the sun with the orange in her hair... it was just an idea but I thought why not and so we headed off to a forest I knew well and after a short walk found the perfect place to set up. The sun was just low enough to be peaking through the trees backlighting the model and giving me a nice camera flare. I used one light for these shots, my octabank up high just off centre left which helped me to get a nice wash of light over my model and the pictures turned out great!

So in the end the hair worked out perfectly not that I hope to be surprised often but I like to know that if it does happen again that I'm ready, you never know.

 © William Henry

 © William Henry

London Summer!

It's rare but it does happen! Finally we got our summer this year and I had a shoot planned with a model Kat Horton whom I had met on a model networking site so I could take full advantage. Crazy as it sounds the weather all though great wasn't the best thing for me that day as my plan for the shoot was more cold and mood driven which you can imagine is not the easiest thing to do when the  sun in all it's glory is beaming down all around you :)

Luckily I had scouted the area a few days before and so I was able to adapt to the situation by means of a bridge that I had found, it was nice and I noticed people rarely walked through it and so knew we'd be able to set up without disturbing too many people.

In the end I decided to go for the a mixture of the cold with the warm which I think gives the image a sense of hopefulness as opposed to full on misery. You can still see one of the images below that will give you a better sense if the original mood I had planned out for this particular set up.



Once we had got the shots we needed we headed back to my studio set up where we captured some portraits of Kat which turned out great. I tried a few lighting set up's but in the end I decided all I needed for this was my beauty dish raised high up off centre left with a grid on the front which gave me the light and feel I wanted. I thought it would be criminal to ignore the great day we were having and so the last location for the day was changed to a large open field I knew very well. As predicted people were out and about soaking in the rays but the field was more than large enough for us to venture off somewhere quiet and out of the way. For these shots I used two lights, my softbox as my main light raised high up off camera right and my second light (strobe with a gridded beauty dish for the modifier) was placed behind the model to act as a rim light. The beauty dish was gridded to help control and direct the light  to exactly where I wanted it.

It was a great day and I had a lot of fun. The lighting set up's for this shoot were simple but effective and I came away with some great images to add to my book.


MUA: Georgina Davies

Model: Kat Horton


Check out the images from the day below: