Concept Weekend!

So this was one of those weekends where my mind was running about itself trying to put all my ideas together. I had four models being sent over from Mission Models for some test shots. Eventually my mind slowed itself down and I decided on a few ideas one was a concept idea for a skateboard chick. I wanted these shots to feel young and vibrant. Luckily, although we had missed sunrise and had no hope of catching sunset with the time limit we had, the natural light happened to be falling across a plain grey wall which caught my eye, the next step was just moving a few things about and using one of my strobes to make it all work. Another idea that came about with the help of my good friend and make-up artist Georgina Davies was the concept idea for a woman who wears glasses but of course can't do her eye make-up while getting ready and so proceeds to do it without the use of her glasses resulting in  some shocking results. One of the models for the day Jemma, was an amazing sport and was happy to let us mess her face up for the shots which we had a lot of fun creating. The last concept idea was to create an image of a girl mechanic at work. The fun thing for these shots was to order an overall (uniform) and mess it all up so that it looked more realistic and then to soot up the model a little to help with the overall image. Check out some of the images over in my portfolio to see how they turned out.